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The client came to Design By Diamond as they were starting a new financial business and needed a complete branding package, from name to launch. Their target audience is a 35-year-old with 2 kids, has some money, some debt - feels shame often when it comes to his abilities as a financial leader in his family, but at his core he’s got all the ingredients to become the pioneer for a multigenerational powerhouse family. He’s coming to us to get his finances straightened out and he’s staying for the life change we’re introducing him to around goals, vision, etc

Every company wants to stand out in the sea of their competition and our focus was to pull out of the client in how they want their company to be perceived. They were dead set on being visionary, seeing past the horizon, and jumping head first into exciting new adventures ahead. They want to be bold in their speech, not backing down from addressing hard topics. But still, funny and playful, the life of the party, and people want to be buddies with them.

After market research of the financial sector and taking what the client wanted their business’ personality to look, feel and talk like, it drove us to this design solution.



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